Wednesday, August 4, 2010


opinions. no m & m' s in opinions. In my opinion, people with lots of opinions, have way to much free time on their hands. People with concrete opinions and lots of them think that they have single handedly figured life out for us. thank you!

but are these gurus that we climb up large mountains to find in caves dispelling the meaning of life on us? no. these are the people that we bump into at the grocery store or see at family reunions or meet at church or run across on facebook. These are the people that have decided which detergent we are to use, which restaurants we should eat at, which discipline methods we should use, which hairstyle is most flattering on us, and definitely how much we should weigh. I'm sorry. Did I ask?

These people seem to want to convert the rest of the world to match their lifestyle so that they can live in their perfect utopia with all of their little mini mes and never have conflict or ignorant people to live with ever again. As far as I recall, at some point, Dorothy returns to Kansas. and wiser. for people weren't as she thought they were and she realized that things weren't so bad as she had thought originally.

so what to do with these anti m & m people? will they eventually self destruct as Hitler did? He had lots of opinions. when push came to shove, he crumbled. what happens to these people when they can't convert you? They get angry. why are we so stubborn. they are just trying to help us. why can't we just see what is best for us? when we look close at these people, I think we find lives that we don't agree with. we form our own opinions. but we keep them to ourselves unless they decide to hike up the mountain for some very solicited advice. or wisdom. which ever. just always carry a bagful of m & m's because they probably could use one the most.

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